What I Hear When You Say | PBS

What I Hear When You Say

Source: http://www.pbs.org/whatihear/home/?elqTrackId=cba6f463040b4a6691bc0db3e2ba1978&elq=7042f96fed6c441d8284bfdcbe4a0b9c&elqaid=3146&elqat=1&elqCampaignId=1630

The link added above is from a new documentary-type series that features issues that currently affect our society in terms of diversity and the aspects of our culture that makes us uniquely diverse. The PBS series is helmed by veteran News Anchor/Analyst/Documentary filmmaker Soledad O’Brien. Mrs. O’Brien is no stranger to producing content that focuses on issues of race and popular culture.

Some of the content she has produced and directed in the 2008 series “Black in America” 2009 CNN series “Latino in America” and the 2012 Documentary “The Muslims are Coming.” Within in the series the following topics are discussed: Feminism, What Are You?, Model Minority, Cultural Appropriation, White Pride, Gentrification, When Did You Become Gay?, Welfare, Race Card, and Code Words. Check them out at the link above and check back here as I plan to give my review and thoughts on the series specials!

Credit: PBS.org

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