Creed II: Experiencing and Embracing the Family Ties that Connects Us

With the return of the highly anticipated movie, there was much speculation about how Creed II would measure up against its predecessor. However, after a few minutes into the movie, you realize that it was well equipped and written to stand on its own.

Given the knowledge that this film was not going to be helmed by its original director Ryan Coogler, there were concerns from fans and critics alike that the movie’s core character storyline structure would be different. However, adding Steven Caple, Jr as director was a great addition to Creed movie franchise. In my opinion, the movie flawlessly executed the plans and aspirations left over from the original film. The transition between the characters storylines appeared effortless as the main character and the supporting characters displayed growth and humility; two qualities that are often lacking in today’s film standards and plot lines.

But the aspect that made me most appreciative of the movie was its display and relatability when it came to family ties and bonds. As a semi-spoiler alert for anyone that has not taken themselves with the quickness to see this film, both of main character Adonis Creed, as reprised by Michael B. Jordan and the lead antagonist Viktor Drago portrayed by Florian Munteanu, had a lot of aspects that were in common despite their very different upbringings. I felt it was these similarities that allowed the audience to see both of the characters from a different narrative, despite the shortcomings and or insecurities. I also felt by showcasing the element of family in this film, that is set up the film to be thrust into the franchise stratosphere with an entirely familiar yet different feel.

Based on the film’s success at the box office over the Thanksgiving Weekend, it is no secret the film will be up for a possible third installment. However, what is very unlikely is the return of the franchise showrunner Rocky Balboa helmed Hollywood film legend, Sylvester Stallone. His storyline in so many ways was finally addressed, and neatly packaged should the character and actor decide to hang up their gloves. Also, the actor himself as expressed that after 40 years he was ready to give the franchise over to the bright and buzzing talent of Michael B. Jordan. At the time of this article post, Creed III has yet to be announced. However, with the creation of the Adonis Creed Family and the potential to bring back other characters from the past to stand in the way of Adonis’ title, Creed III would definitely be a great contender in the ring of movie releases by 2020.

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