Skin Bleaching: Beauty Guru Takes On The Topic

Video of YouTube Influencer Jackie Aina sharing her thoughts on Skin Bleaching and the latest product marketed to darker skinned consumers. 
(Courtesy of YouTube and Jackie Aina’s YouTube Channel:

I would like to start this post off by saying that I was more than elated that Ms. Jackie Aina, one of Youtube’s biggest and brightest makeup and beauty influencers decided to create a video dialogue concerning a topic that has reached far beyond America.  As a fellow millennial, I was  fangirling throughout this entire video.” The topic of Skin Bleaching alone is a very touchy and soar topic for many people because of the ramifications and implications that usually follow beyond someone that chooses to bleach their skin.

Now, of course, we are aware that skin bleaching has been marketed to everyday consumers around the world alike. And you even have to note that there are some people that do not abuse the bleaching products and use them for spotted discoloration temporarily. However, without proper education on the products and also have a system that consistently tells young girls and young men that if they are darker than fair they are not deemed beautiful, it is easy to fall prey to abusing bleaching products for the sake of “feeling better” about your appearance. What’s worse is that thousands of companies and entrepunuers around the globe profit off darker complected people without ever having any intention of stating that use of their products can cause serious health side effects and or death.

Personally, I have been following Ms. AIna’s Youtube Channel for almost two years and I am proud to be a fan of her work and her overall platform. She’s made every effort to make women around the world accept their beauty and realize that they are beautiful both inside and out by showcasing unique and inspiring videos each week. This video is just a small sample of her spirit and her wits about her platform for women around the world. At the time of this article, her latest video was under 500,000 views.

I hope that many of the viewers that tune in each week to view her makeup tips and playful banter give this video a chance. Everyone is entitled their own opinion regarding the matter, but like with everything else in life, everyone deserves the right to stand up for those that may not have a voice or may have had their opinions silenced  in the past.  I look forward to more conversation on this matter as it’s a problem that has been pushed under the radar for far too long in the melaninated communities.